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48 Hour Film Project
nom 48 Hour Film Project
organisation 48 Hour Film Project (à Paris : Le Petit Studio)
lieu monde (né à Washington DC)
créateur(s) Mark Ruppert, Liz Langston
première édition 2001 (W.DC), 2010 (Paris)
dernière édition -
contrainte de temps 48 H
autres contraintes texte, personnage, objet
durée du film -
période d'activité toute l'année, novembre à Paris
accès ouvert à tous
participation en ligne -
site web http://www.48hourfilm.com/

Our History:
Back in May 2001, Mark Ruppert came up with a crazy idea: to try to make a film in 48 hours. He quickly enlisted his filmmaking partner, Liz Langston, and several other DC filmmakers to form their own teams and join him in this experiment. The big question back then was: "Would films made in only 48 hours even be watchable?" The answer was a resounding yes, and now eight years later and with more than 150 competitions having taken place around the world, it is amazing to consider the success of the Project. 2010 marks the 9th time we've visited Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York and Austin, and the 11th time for DC.
Our smallest team has consisted of one person who sets up the camera then runs around to be "on-camera". Our largest team to date was a team from Albuquerque with 116 people and 30 horses! We've had about 9,000 teams in the Project over the years, and at 15 people per team, that translates to roughly 130,000 people who have answered the call to come on out and make a movie.